These works were created during my stay in South Africa ( 1990 - 2000 ). In the beginning I was above all inspired by the colorfull market scenes and other lively cultural gatherings. I was trying to picture these mosaic events as major themes of their society. The watercolors from this period are mainly realistic.

In the late 90's my inspiration had shifted from the "people" towards "what was created by the people" : african sculptures. It was not so much their cultural meaning that intrigued me, I was attracted by their basic shapes and their mysterious expressions. I wondered who had made them, why and what their meaning was. The paintings of these objects reflect the mysterious mood and unanswered questions surrounding them.



Africa 1

Africa 2

2 birds

African bird




Statue & Hornbill

The Chief

S. A. craftmarket

S. A. market 1

S. A. market 2

S. A. market 3

S. A. market 4


lino 1

lino 2

lino 3

lino 4

lino 5

lino 6

lino 7

lino 8


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